Hill, Emily

In by Clear Lake CSD

Wow! How time flies! This fall marks my 13th year in the district. For the first nine years, I spent time in the middle teaching eighth grade students the skills of reading and writing. I would never have imagined I belonged in the middle school setting, but I truly loved being at school each and every day. From the challenging games of Scrabble to creating a student-driven classroom, I learned so much about myself.

One of my greatest passions is learning and challenging myself which is why I took on the role of Technology Integration Coach in the fall of 2014. It was a new position in the district, so no mold had been set. I loved the opportunities then and still love them today! Every day the challenge changes, from introducing STEAM into the preschool classroom, to implementing Project Lead the Way in the elementary classrooms, to publishing blogs in a high school Sociology classroom.

I am so excited to be part of a district that is always striving to do better and think outside the box!