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To Ensure a High Level of Learning for All.


To create an environment empowering students, staff, and community to develop passionate, innovative, adaptable learners prepared to embrace the challenges of the future.


Can’t you hear those Lions roar?
Can’t you hear those Lions roar?
Can’t you hear those Lions everywhere
As they score and score some more?

Can’t you hear those Lions roar?
Their loud and mighty roar?
So fight, Lions! Fight! Fight! Fight!
Can’t you hear those Lions…
Hear those Lions…
Hear those Lions roar!


  • We hold high expectations for achievement from each of our learners.
  • We provide rigorous and relevant learning experiences that develop academic, social, emotional, citizenship, and workplace skills.
  • We provide high levels of support for our learning.
  • Research and data drive our decisions.
  • We are dedicated stewards of our public’s trust and resources.
  • We are models of lifelong learning and integrity.
  • We are partners in the education of our youth with parents and community.


  • This strategic plan sets the direction for Clear Lake schools for the next four years, and represents the goals, aspirations, and shared priorities that will guide the decision making of the board, administration, teachers, and community, in our support of the Mission and Vision of Clear Lake schools. This document is aspirational; not everything will be achieved, but with strong work and collaboration, we expect to make great progress, aligned with this plan.

  • Strategic Priority 1: Enhance the Student Experience

    Goal 1: 100% Graduation Rate
    Goal 2: Increase ACT Composite score to an average of 25 by 2023
    Goal 4: Expose all students, at all grade levels, to potential careers, jobs, and community involvement
    Goal 5: Prepare all students to learn beyond high school

  • Strategic Priority 2: Promote a Fulfilling Teaching Environment

    Goal 1: Recruit and retain the best teachers in the state to Clear Lake
    Goal 2: Increase the availability and quality of leadership training and professional development for all staff
    Goal 3: Increase the involvement of teachers working with state and local businesses
    Goal 4: Fully implement the PLC/RTI process enabling teachers to work together in collaborative teams
    Goal 5: Improve the training and retention of impactful paraeducators

  • Strategic Priority 3: Deliver Programs Today’s Students Need

    Goal 1: Fully implement all strands of PLTW (Computer Science, Engineering, Biomed, and STEM) for all grade levels
    Goal 2: Continue to add and develop new, high quality programs (e.g. Ag, Computer Science) that attract and prepare students
    Goal 3: Expand partnerships with local businesses to expose students to real world workplace situations such as electrician, plumber, HVAC, construction, welding, manufacturing
    Goal 4: Review and revise the existing curriculum to align with the goals for our student achievement and lifelong learning
    Goal 5: Expand the availability and coaching/leadership of extra-curricular activities based upon student demand

  • Strategic Priority 4: Provide Best In Class Facilities for Clear Lake

    Goal 1: Modernize all school spaces, furniture, technology, and equipment to promote more collaboration and flexibility for student learning
    Goal 2: Modernize the safety and communication infrastructure to continue to ensure safety for the staff, students, and community members who use our facilities
    Goal 3: Add additional facility space, as needed, to support additional enrollment, programs, and activities
    Goal 4: Upgrade the Lions Field Complex and indoor gymnasium spaces to support the demand for student use and engagement with the community