All Students

All Staff

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To Ensure a High Level of Learning For All 


“The vision of the Clear Lake Community School District is that ALL our students will have the tools to build a productive future and reach their dreams.”


Can’t you hear those Lions roar?
Can’t you hear those Lions roar?
Can’t you hear those Lions everywhere
As they score and score some more?

Can’t you hear those Lions roar?
Their loud and mighty roar?
So fight, Lions! Fight! Fight! Fight!
Can’t you hear those Lions…
Hear those Lions…
Hear those Lions roar!


  • We hold high expectations for achievement from each of our learners.
  • We provide rigorous and relevant learning experiences that develop academic, social, emotional, citizenship, and workplace skills.
  • We provide high levels of support for our learning.
  • Research and data drive our decisions.
  • We are dedicated stewards of our public’s trust and resources.
  • We are models of lifelong learning and integrity.
  • We are partners in the education of our youth with parents and community.


  • Goal #1

    Improve academic performance for all students, including defined goals in reading, math and science.

  • Goal #2

    Foster student growth in social, emotional, citizenship and workplace skills.

  • Goal #3

    Provide high levels of learning supports for students and staff.

  • Goal #4

    Utilize district resources to maximize an efficient and effective organization.

  • Goal #5

    Engage parents and community in the accomplishment of the district’s student learning goals.