Spectator Guidelines for Events

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As we begin a new school year, Clear Lake Community Schools is asking spectators at all activity and athletic events (indoor and outdoor) to wear a mask to help control the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We also need spectators to practice good social distancing at these events. If we adhere to good social distancing and wear a mask at our events, then our kids will get to continue to perform and be involved in our school activities and athletics. We are asking people to be responsible, respectful, and reasonable when attending events. Please abide by COVID-19 guidelines at home and away venues.

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Guidelines for football games this season at Lions Field
• Do not attend events if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms and/or have been in contact with someone with a confirmed positive case of COVID-19.
• Social distance when in the complex (6 feet).
• Wear a mask even if you can social distance.
• All students will be required to wear a mask.
• Adults are strongly encouraged to wear a mask.

Bleacher seating
• MS and HS students will be in the north end of the bleachers.
• The other 2 sections are for adults and families.
• Elementary students will be asked to sit with and/or be supervised by their parents.
• When sitting in the bleachers, people should spread out as much as possible.
• We will have extra bleacher seating south of the main bleachers.
• There will be room for people to sit in lawn chairs, so we encourage you to bring your lawn chair.
• Standing along the fence is still permissible. We ask that you social distance as much as possible.

Concession Stand
The concession stand will be open. However, we will be not be grilling or selling hot food items. Available items will be bottled beverages, candy and some pre-packaged food items. Please refrain from bringing in outside food and beverage.

Live Streaming
We will be live streaming all our home events at Lions Field and the CLHS gym starting this year. More information will be available on school website when it becomes available.

We appreciate your cooperation with these guidelines. We all need to work together so our kids can participate in these events. More guidance will be coming on volleyball and cross country venues.

Thanks for your support and for cooperating with these expectations!