Brand Survey

In District News by CLCSD

The Clear Lake Community School District administrators and Board of Education are working through a comprehensive process of developing a brand identity that will collectively form a consistent representation of our District across all uses of our colors and our logo. The process will determine the District’s official logo and exact shades of our proud black and gold and guide our use throughout facilities, communication, and other applications. We know that our students, staff, alumni, and our community are very passionate about the history and future of Clear Lake Schools. We also know that the logo that represents our identity is a big part of that passion. In recent weeks, the District sent out a survey to stakeholders requesting feedback about our logo. This week, an online poll was published by the Globe Gazette regarding our logo. The District did not ask for and is in no way involved with this online poll. The results of the Globe Gazette poll will not be considered as part of our survey process. If you have any questions, please contact Superintendent Doug Gee at