Emergency Food Program Information

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Effective March 26, 2020: The Iowa Department of Education received a waiver from the USDA that will help families that need to pick up meals for their children. Effective March 26, children do not need to be present when parents or guardians pick up meals. When you pick up meals you will be required to give your child’s name and the school that they attend (or age if not attending school).

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Updated route maps:

Emergency Routes

TitleDescriptionVersionHitsDate addedDate modifiedDownload
Route 30 46703-25-202005-24-2020 Download
Route 29 38103-25-202005-23-2020 Download
Route 28 39003-25-202005-23-2020 Download
Route 25 39703-25-202005-23-2020 Download
Route 24 39203-25-202005-25-2020 Download
Route 19 41403-25-202005-25-2020 Download
Route 14 37803-25-202005-20-2020 Download
Route 10 68603-25-202005-25-2020 Download