Project Lead the Way

In District News by CLCSD

Janese Hand, Amy Wagler, Jenny Mikkelsen, and Shawn Puttman describe their experience with Project Lead the Way. At Clear Creek Elementary, students are participating in this unique curriculum during their science classes. In the Fall of 2017, students were introduced to the learning structure of Project Lead the Way: three activities to introduce the concepts, a project to “practice” a solution, and a real-world problem to solve. From the time students enter the district in preschool, they are presented with these different opportunities. By the end of this school year, students at each level are expected to take part in three learning modules. For some students, they will be able to take part in four modules. Each grade level covers topics like computer science, engineering, and biomedical science. As Janese Hand stated, students begin dreaming of becoming engineers and scientists from a young age. That is what this hands-on learning is all about!