New Online Safety Platform

In District News, High School, Middle School by CLCSD

Clear Lake Community Schools recently began using a new online safety platform for students in grades 6-12 called Securly. The Securly platform includes Webfilter, Securly 24, Auditor 24, Parent Portal and Tipline. The Securly platform will greatly enhance the district’s existing web filtering by providing on and off-campus web filtering, cyberbullying monitoring, and self-harm alerts while students are using school-issued devices.

Securly 24 and Auditor 24 work together to immediately alert authorized district personnel if a student’s online activity may indicate a student is using the internet inappropriately, at risk of bullying, or self-harm. Each flagged alert is also reviewed by a risk assessment team at Securly 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. If necessary, the Securly team will immediately contact the appropriate district personnel and/or authorities.

Tipline allows students to anonymously submit tips through text, email, or phone message. Students can submit tips for concerns that they feel need to be shared, including bullying, suicide, and other forms of violence. Speaking up against peers can be difficult, especially when there is a perceived code of silence among students. Sometimes, however, speaking up can make a big difference. So by keeping the tipster’s identity anonymous, Tipline encourages students to take a stand without putting themselves in harm’s way.

We hope all parents will encourage the use of Tipline by reminding their kids that the right tip can end bullying, prevent incidents of self-harm, and even save a life.

Parent Portal allows parents/guardians to know what their students are doing online while using a school-issued device. Parents will be able to receive weekly summary emails and/or use a free mobile app to see their student’s search histories, website visits, and more.

Parents may sign up for a Securly Parent Portal at or by using the menu option on the left side of the webpage.