Important Clear Creek Transportation Information

In Clear Creek, District News by Clear Lake Community School District

This summer we really took a good look at ways to make our drop off/pick up and busing safer and more efficient. Please read the following information carefully.

Busing: All busing is now being moved to the northeast corner of the north parking lot. Buses will enter a new drive that has been put in midway of the north parking lot and they will leave out of the east driveway of the north parking lot. The west end of the parking lot has parking for staff with an exit entering the west drive. You will need to be very mindful as in the past parents have parked in that parking lot and along the street. Buses will be coming and going into and out of that parking lot.

Kindergarten Drop off/Pick up
Kindergarten drop off and pick up will now be in the front circle drive. Students will enter and leave the front doors. There will be adults in that area for drop off. If you have other children besides your Kindergartener that you will be dropping off and picking up they can be dropped off there as well. The criteria is that you must have a Kindergarten student to drop off and pick up in the front circle drive. Keep in mind buses will be coming out the east driveway and it cannot be blocked.

Parent Drop off/Pick up
Grades 1-5 drop off and pick up will remain at the west end of the building. Please do not park or wait in the loading area as this is a safety hazard for children. Also, please do not park in the drop off/pick up lane to get your child out of the car or walk them into the building.

We thank you and ask for your help to try to ensure the best possible way to keep our children safe and make our beginning and end of the day run more smoothly.

Here are some videos about the process: